Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Do Not Harm Animals

Cruelty is "an act that causes pain and suffering" (“Cruelty”). Animal cruelty causes pain and suffering to innocent creatures that do not deserve such treatment. Animals are not human, but should be treated with the same kindness and compassion that humans are treated with. No person wants to be treated cruelly, and neither do animals. People who choose to cause harm to animals will be punished severely, just like they would if they harmed a human being.  Animal cruelty is wrong, comes with major punishments, and keeps citizens on the lookout for animals in need of help.

Animal cruelty is wrong because animals do not deserve to be treated any less than a human being. “Animal rights activists contend that the use of animals for sports or entertainment can also be considered as animal cruelty” (ProQuest Staff).  Humans who subject their animals to fighting, torture or even entertainment are being involved in animal cruelty. For example, "cockfighting is a cruel blood sport that pits two roosters against each other" (Wei).  Making roosters fight one another is unjust and cruel.  Roosters were not meant to fight, they were meant to lay eggs and wake people up early in the morning.  Animals do not deserve to be treated unfairly and anyone who harms an animal will be subject to intense punishment.
There are several laws against animal cruelty. In Texas, if a person is involved in an animal cruelty case he or she is subject to a "$4000 fine and imprisonment up to one year" (“Cruelty Laws”). The torturing, killing, or fighting of animals can result in a "$10,000 fine and 180 days to two years of imprisonment" (“Cruelty Laws”). For instance, Michael Vick, the quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles, "spent 18 months in prison for dog fighting" and “an exhaustive report by the Department of Agriculture [which] revealed that Vick drowned, electrocuted and hung dogs with his bare hands” (Fleming).  Nobody is above the law when it comes to animal cruelty. 
People need to be aware of the effects of animal cruelty and how wrong it is.  In the Texas summer of 2011, many animal owners kept their dogs outside in the blistering heat without any shade or water.  Animal control was called to many households to evacuate the dehydrating dogs from such conditions.   If a person sees an animal in need they should be sure to call their local animal control agency immediately.  When transporting pigs, handlers toss piglets from one person to another “and those that are considered sickly or nonviable are slammed head-first on the floor — a quick and efficient way to kill them” (Silver).  In the year of 2010, Texas received sixty one reports of animal abuse from caring citizens who could not stand to see an animal in harm (“Yearly Animal Abuse Report”).
No matter what ethnicity, culture, or religion a person is animal cruelty is unacceptable in any way, shape, or form.    Anyone who partakes in harming an animal will spend time in jail and/or have to pay a hefty fine.   People can make a big difference in suffering animals’ lives by reporting any abuse to innocent creatures that is witnessed or heard about.  Animals are a part of this world, just as humans are, and should be treated with kindness.  All of society needs to make a difference and make this Earth a better place for animals.  [543]

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