Sunday, October 16, 2011

Animals for Entertainment

           Using animals for entertainment has been around for thousands of years.  “When the Colosseum was opened, 5,000 animals were killed in just one day” (Browning 11).  Animals are exploited in circuses by being made to perform for the public.  Many of the circus trainers abuse the performing creatures by yelling obscenities and inflicting physical pain upon the animals.  Much of society is against using animals for entertainment, while others believe it is an acceptable pass time.
            Originally animals were not created to provide humans with entertainment, but to roam the earth peacefully and to occasionally provide basic necessities to humans.  “Captive hunting for both native wildlife and exotic wildlife should be illegal,” agrees Casey Pheiffer from the Humane Society (Keen).  Though hunting can provide humans with nourishment, most people hunt for the entertainment.  Animals should not be killed for sport; it is not fair to the innocent animals.  Whaling has been banned in many countries, “but 20,000 whales have been killed for food, cosmetics, and scientific reasons since the ban” (Browning 17).  Much of society tries to help earth’s creatures, but people get around the laws and continue to harm innocent animals for selfish reasons.  Humans can engage in other sources of entertainment that do not involve animals in order to prevent animals from being on display and being harmed.
Although there are some forms of animal treatment that some groups consider being healthy for animals, but others believe to be a form of animal cruelty.  Examples of such treatment are horse racing, dog racing, and circus training.  Although, the training involved in these environments can be dangerous, there are also many aspects that have a positive effect.  There are many animals that need a purpose and job to perform.   These types of animals are work animals.  Without a job, these animals will not be happy mentally or physically.  Their mental happiness is just as important as their physical happiness.  And the job they are given, whether it is racing or training for a circus act, give them the purpose and job they need to maintain a healthy life.
There are many forms of entertainment, but involving the killing and injury of animals to satisfy one’s pleasures is simply not humane.  Some believe hunting animals is natural, while others strongly disagree.  Circus animals are made to perform for humans in unnatural ways and are constantly abused by circus trainers.  Animals were created to live in the wild not to be held in captivity to perform for humans.  Watching an animal in its natural environment is vastly entertaining, while killing or injuring an animal for sport is horrible and unjust.  

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